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Am 10.08.21 um 07:29 schrieb Henry Story:
>> On 10. Aug 2021, at 00:52, bergi <> wrote:
>> Am 09.08.21 um 18:32 schrieb Henry Story:
>>>> On 9. Aug 2021, at 17:34, bergi <> wrote:
>>>> Am 27.07.21 um 20:07 schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
>>>>> I'm hearing that you dont have time/resources to take WebID
>>>>> any further So, would you step down as chair of the the WebID
>>>>> community group at let others, perhaps a community effort, to
>>>>> modernize it
>>>> I strongly support that. Not leaving any comment on a proposal
>>>> like that is even more an argument to look for another chair
>>>> who can contribute more time for the group.
> Btw. what is the proposal that is being talked about?

The proposal is that you step down as a chair.

>>> The place for these discussions in on the WebID mailing list.
>> I guess all people who are still interested in WebID are also on
>> the RWW mailing list, but I added the WebID mailing list to this
>> thread for the sake of completeness.
> I don’t have time to follow the discussions on the rww mailing list
> in detail, and what I see of discussions there, I don’t find to be
> very productive. Recently they seem to have been very aggressive
> too, a bit like this call to remove me as chair, suddenly, like 10
> years after the group has pretty much been quiet.

If you communicate that you can not spend much time on your chair
position, it's just a logical conclusion to allow someone else to take
that role.

>>> Someone left some detailed improvements to the spec a few months
>>> ago. You are welcome to make a PR using that on
>>> and I will be happy to review that.
>> A chair has more/different responsibilities than reviewing PRs.
> There is no requirement for groups to go on forever either, and keep 
> discussing issues when there is nothing to discuss. In fact *all*
> groups that are productive have time limits.

The members may decide to turn it into a living standard. That's not a
decision a chair can make on its own.

> and that is why we opened a github repository to make just such 
> changes. You can even leave issues there.

It's not about what I want to change. It's about why should one
contribute to the WebID group if:

- the chair has no time to fulfill the role as chair
- the chair claims there is nothing to do

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