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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (May 2013) [via Read Write Web Community Group] Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 31 May)

Eurapp: A Study Underway to Measure the Impact of the App Economy Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 30 May)

R&Wbase: Git for triples Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 30 May)

Fwd: Activity Streams 2.0? Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 29 May)

FYI: Fwd: Info: Amazon launches single sign-on service, allows for easy in-app purchases Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 29 May)

Re: Archaic HTTP "From:" Header Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 27 May)

OpenData Q&A at StackExchange Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 22 May)

Funding kick-off for: Code for the Web - Linked Data and Web Payments Manu Sporny (Monday, 20 May)

Preview: KickStarter for Linked Data and Web Payments Manu Sporny (Thursday, 16 May)

Fwd: Google adds JSON-LD support to Gmail Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 16 May)

FYI: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2013) Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 14 May)

Lightning-fast RDF in JavaScript Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 14 May)

Book Launch at WWW2013 Nick Vidal (Monday, 13 May)

Introduction, Create.js Henri Bergius (Monday, 13 May)

Fwd: Permanent Identifiers for the Web Project Launches Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 8 May)

Fwd: [goodrelations] New free GoodRelations / Module for Drupal! Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 8 May)

PolyCrypt: A WebCrypto Polyfill Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 7 May)

Re: WebMention Protocol Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 7 May)

Re: Webkeys, OpenID, WebID, OAuth etc.. Manu Sporny (Monday, 6 May)

CozyCloud - friendly, personal data. Andrei Sambra (Monday, 6 May)

Collatoralized Identity -- Tying a value asset to an Identity Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 5 May)

Fwd: Transforming JSON APIs to JSON-LD Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 4 May)

rdf delta Jürgen Jakobitsch SWC (Saturday, 4 May)

OASIS Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ) Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 2 May)

Provenance now a W3C REC Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 2 May)

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