Re: Self-maintained semantic blogging platform

On Tuesday 4. December 2012 00.44.11 Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> Very good question.  Building a blogging platform is a huge amount of
> work.

Well, yeah, quite a lot.

> Henry was building one I recall.


> Drupal 7 is a good choice.

Yeah, if it hadn't been for the "The OS is not the OS" aspect of Drupal, it 
would certainly be a good choice, but now it doesn't feel like it fits me 
that well.

> Wordpress may have some sem web addons, that might be the best place to
> try.

OK, I'll look into that.

> smob seems not currently to be active, but is open source

Right, I found it on github, it seems dormant.

> ditto demiblog from toby inkster

Actually, I just learnt that Toby has started rewriting it in Perl on the 
top of a triple store and the Magpie framework. It is apparently not 
production ready yet, but if I'm going to do development, I would certainly 
join this project, it is an excellent fit for my interests.

> and openlink data spaces could be possibilities

I wasn't aware of the former, which seems to be an alpha, but I am aware of 
the latter.

> and there's also


> would love to know if there's anything else you've found that matches
> your needs

I'm still looking, but thank you very much for this list, then I know I'm 
not overlooking things that most others know about.



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