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On 3 December 2012 23:24, Kjetil Kjernsmo <> wrote:

> Hi all!
> I really need to start blogging, and I've been trying to install a blogging
> platform on my server for quite some time. Now, I've decided I really need
> to get it running.
> My requirements are fairly light, except that it should do semwebby
> goodness more or less out of the box. I will write a blog, but also have a
> small number of more static pages, like a resume. Other than that a key
> requirement is bilinguality. I'll write most of my posts in English, but
> some in my native Norwegian. Also, some kind of categorization is required,
> preferably one tree or graph with bilingual labels. For example, I hope to
> get the posts I categorize Semantic Web in English onto planetrdf.
> In the case where a client has an Accept header including both Norwegian
> and English, they should get both in the listings, whereas if they only
> have Norwegian, they get only Norwegian, but with links to override. The
> default would be English only.
> I've  had Drupal running on the box for while. They appear to have done a
> lot of great work, and I'd like to support it as well as get the benefits.
> There's one catch that's pretty important: I have a bunch of systems
> running on my box and very little time to maintain it. I depend completely
> on Debian and its security updates, and that it has to be very little extra
> effort involved in day-to-day maintainance beyond what is provided by
> Debian. It should install, configure and then just work. The main problem I
> have with Drupal is that it seems to require a lot of attention beyond this
> workflow. Also, I had some problems with the i18n support. And some time
> ago, I did an upgrade of the Drupal 7 backports, and I guess it is a reason
> why they are backports, but it appears to have broken my setup completely.
> I suppose Drupal was overkill for my purpose to begin with, but then, you
> can never have too much overkill, I figured. ;-)
> So, perhaps Drupal isn't what I would want. what do you think? One thing I
> do know is that I don't want to  do what Mark Birbeck did:
> I want to host the whole solution myself on my Debian box. It has the
> resources, it already runs MySQL and Postgres, an Apache server and a lot
> of other stuff, and it has plenty of capacity.
> Now, I figured this would be something this group would have a general idea
> about, and I'd like to hear your suggestions, which, I suspect, would not
> only be relevant to me.

Very good question.  Building a blogging platform is a huge amount of work.

Henry was building one I recall.

Drupal 7 is a good choice.

Wordpress may have some sem web addons, that might be the best place to try.

smob seems not currently to be active, but is open source

ditto demiblog from toby inkster and openlink data spaces could be possibilities

and there's also

would love to know if there's anything else you've found that matches your

> Best,
> Kjetil

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