Re: Self-maintained semantic blogging platform

hi, i actually consider it to be very simple...

don't know about your requirements, but you can take a look
here [1], a simple demo page...

what is needed for (every) ld-webapp : 

1. a backend, that masters linked data resource hosting and sparql
(neither is extremly complicated, i just implemented a little servlet
doing content-negotiations, redirects and stuff)
2. a way of templating (i implemented an openrdf-api-jsp-writer)
3. a couple of javascripts...

please note that all stuff you see on the page [1] will be opensourced
sometimes during the next year.

there's also an editor that comes along with it, i still have to do a
screencast, but i can't allow my dataspace to be edited for demo

side note : reason why a lot of people come up with business-model
question might have to do with the fact, that their business-model was
based on => coding <= and now they realize that there's a lot less to do
if are able to code for a single data-model.


On Thu, 2012-12-06 at 18:26 +0100, Michael Haschke wrote:
> Hello Kjetil, hello list,
> > Very good question.  Building a blogging platform is a huge amount of work.
> +1
> > Drupal 7 is a good choice.
> And comes with RDFa, even if it is a bit buggy in my eyes.
> > Wordpress may have some sem web addons, that might be the best place to try.
> Wordpress is probably very close to your requirements, and I guess
> there are plugins for simple microdata enrichments. Don't
> know how good the old SIOC extension works with recent WP versions.
> But Wordpress always had issues with i18n support, there are plugins
> for multilingual support but most of that stuff are only workarounds
> (in my eyes). Do not know if the recent WP version comes with i18n
> support build in.
> > and there's also
> Foafpress could display SIOC data (as you spoke about blogging) but
> you would need to add your own SIOC resource controller and template
> by yourself. FP do not have this build in currently. It's planned but
> not added yet. Right now Foafpress comes with controller and templates
> for FOAF, and support for data stored only in files, currently it
> would render your FOAF profile [1] out of the box like that [2] (Most
> of the page is german b/c FP checks the accept header for the language
> and uses the corresponding literals from dbpedia).
> Another option would be to use OntoWiki [3] with its site extension
> [4]. This works similar to Foafpress (you need your resource specific
> controllers and templates) but OntoWiki has support for relational
> databases and triple stores like Virtuoso. It has a GUI to edit your
> data. For example [3] runs with OW/site ext. Learing curve may be high
> and you would need to put work in the controllers and templates for
> blog and pages.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> regards,
> Haschek

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