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Hello Kjetil, hello list,

> Very good question.  Building a blogging platform is a huge amount of work.


> Drupal 7 is a good choice.

And comes with RDFa, even if it is a bit buggy in my eyes.

> Wordpress may have some sem web addons, that might be the best place to try.

Wordpress is probably very close to your requirements, and I guess
there are plugins for simple microdata enrichments. Don't
know how good the old SIOC extension works with recent WP versions.
But Wordpress always had issues with i18n support, there are plugins
for multilingual support but most of that stuff are only workarounds
(in my eyes). Do not know if the recent WP version comes with i18n
support build in.

> and there's also

Foafpress could display SIOC data (as you spoke about blogging) but
you would need to add your own SIOC resource controller and template
by yourself. FP do not have this build in currently. It's planned but
not added yet. Right now Foafpress comes with controller and templates
for FOAF, and support for data stored only in files, currently it
would render your FOAF profile [1] out of the box like that [2] (Most
of the page is german b/c FP checks the accept header for the language
and uses the corresponding literals from dbpedia).

Another option would be to use OntoWiki [3] with its site extension
[4]. This works similar to Foafpress (you need your resource specific
controllers and templates) but OntoWiki has support for relational
databases and triple stores like Virtuoso. It has a GUI to edit your
data. For example [3] runs with OW/site ext. Learing curve may be high
and you would need to put work in the controllers and templates for
blog and pages.



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