Re: Introductions, looking for inputs from Read Write Web Community Group

On 12/2/12 7:03 AM, Christine Perey wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm happy to learn about the existence of the W3C Read Write Web 
> Community Group [1] because you're really onto something important.
> By way of this message I hope that those on the AR Standards 
> Discussion mailing list [2] will take a moment to check out all that's 
> happening over on this W3C CG.
> Some of the content that is Read and Written will be viewed in overlay 
> or synchronized with the real world: in Augmented Reality view or mode 
> (camera view, if it is visualized).
> For those in RWW group, as mentioned above, there's another community 
> that is actively working together around the topic of AR to further 
> our common goals of open and interoperable AR Content and experiences 
> through development and adoption of open interfaces, with standards 
> where/when possible.
> There are, as Rob has mentioned in the AR Community Group, related 
> standards page [3] Web-specific tools.
> In addition, you might be interested in visiting and browsing all 
> that's available (on this page [4]) and all that is underway (on this 
> page [5]) in different Standards Development organizations including 
> but not limited to W3C to make AR open.
> I'm also writing also to solicit inputs and start a discussion in both 
> groups (maybe that's not scalable) about requirements for the AR use 
> scenarios that involve the user writing/publishing new annotations (or 
> "augmentations") onto the real world.
> The "read" side is not going to be terribly different from viewing any 
> other AR content but that which is composed and published by the users 
> directly could be private or public annotations.
> Having thought about this as a group, there are a couple of files that 
> could serve as starters for new collaborative work with the RWW 
> community.
> The two resources I will suggest as starting points are:
>  - slide format collection of actors and steps results of a brainstorm 
> about a year ago [6]
>  - a position paper I wrote on the subject of AR use cases [7] for our 
> sixth AR Standards Community meeting in July 2013 [8]
> Melvin, how best to do this? A wiki on the RWW area?
> Regards,


AR is a major frontier for RWW exploitation.



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