Introductions, looking for inputs from Read Write Web Community Group

Hi all,

I'm happy to learn about the existence of the W3C Read Write Web 
Community Group [1] because you're really onto something important.

By way of this message I hope that those on the AR Standards Discussion 
mailing list [2] will take a moment to check out all that's happening 
over on this W3C CG.

Some of the content that is Read and Written will be viewed in overlay 
or synchronized with the real world: in Augmented Reality view or mode 
(camera view, if it is visualized).

For those in RWW group, as mentioned above, there's another community 
that is actively working together around the topic of AR to further our 
common goals of open and interoperable AR Content and experiences 
through development and adoption of open interfaces, with standards 
where/when possible.

There are, as Rob has mentioned in the AR Community Group, related 
standards page [3] Web-specific tools.

In addition, you might be interested in visiting and browsing all that's 
available (on this page [4]) and all that is underway (on this page [5]) 
in different Standards Development organizations including but not 
limited to W3C to make AR open.

I'm also writing also to solicit inputs and start a discussion in both 
groups (maybe that's not scalable) about requirements for the AR use 
scenarios that involve the user writing/publishing new annotations (or 
"augmentations") onto the real world.

The "read" side is not going to be terribly different from viewing any 
other AR content but that which is composed and published by the users 
directly could be private or public annotations.

Having thought about this as a group, there are a couple of files that 
could serve as starters for new collaborative work with the RWW community.

The two resources I will suggest as starting points are:

  - slide format collection of actors and steps results of a brainstorm 
about a year ago [6]
  - a position paper I wrote on the subject of AR use cases [7] for our 
sixth AR Standards Community meeting in July 2013 [8]

Melvin, how best to do this? A wiki on the RWW area?



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