Re: Silver feedback request—core survey questions

Hi all

As promised during today’s call, this email contains a summary of RQTF’s feedback to Silver on the core survey questions. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback.

Please indicate your support for this response from RQTF as soon as possible, by 8th June, through a +1 reply to this message. If you have objections to the following response, please provide them by reply. Apologies for the tight turnaround; I’ll make sure this group has more time for future feedback requests from Silver. 

# Branching

There is a point in the survey where "branching" may happen, and currently one potential branch, but not the other:

Are you familiar with...? >> Yes >> Which components..? vs. Are you familiar with...? >> No >> [branch]

Should there be question(s) for the “No” branch?

# Motivation for using WCAG

Is there any value in asking "why" the survey respondent uses WCAG? (Best Practices, Legal mandate, other…)

# Internationalisation

Will the surveys be provided in languages other than English?

# Focus beyond Success Criteria

Questions towards the end of the survey all ask about “WCAG 2.0 success criteria”, but these are a very narrow aspect of WCAG itself. The answers to some of these questions could be very misleading. For example, the WCAG success criteria may be of little value in, say, teaching or learning for a given individual, but the techniques, Education and Outreach working group resources, etc., may be of high value for these purposes.

Recommend the survey addresses, at a minimum, the principles, guidelines, success criteria and techniques, distinguishing which of these are the subject of specific comments. It should also deal with educational resources. Someone might think WCAG itself is fine, but the educational materials available are inadequate, for instance, but this wouldn’t be reflected in the survey results. There should also be a “not applicable” option for some of the questions.

# Answer options for Employment Status

Recommend having 'casual/consultant’, as a lot of people that work in accessibity aren't necessarily full-time or part-time

# Answer options for How do you learn or keep up with accessibility topics?

Recommend having 'formalised training' and 'newsletters/mailing lists' in the list of options

# Success Criteria questions

Additional section: Present each of the 12 WCAG 2.0 guidelines based on 'WCAG 2.0 At A Glance’, with a question asking how hard it is to meet the requirements of each of the 12 guidelines. It'd be good to get a sense of which guidelines are seen to be challenging. May also be worth asking a related question as to which of the 12 guidelines take the most time to implement to get a sense of the 'quick wins' and the ones that people are likely to shy away from implementing.

# Future survey feedback from RQTF

RQTF is willing to provide feedback on stakeholder-specific survey questions, but would like more time to review and collate feedback.


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