Re: [DTB] Action 681 completed

Axel Polleres wrote:
> In completion of Action 681,
> I drafted two new predicates
> isLiteralOfType
> and
> isLiteralOfType

You mean: isLiteralNotOfType

> Note (also an editor's note in the document):
>  I assumed the second argument of isLiteralOfType to be a rif:iri at the
> moment. As we defined a datatype identifier just as a unicode string
> representing an IRI in the definition of symbol spaces, it might be
> better to restrict the domain of the second argument to strings, yes?

I disagree. A rif:iri constant can denote an actual datatype, so you can
speak about actual datatypes when speaking about the types of literals.

In fact, it would have been best if in BLD semantic structures the IRIs
of datatypes are mapped to the corresponding datatypes, e.g., xsd:string
is mapped to the XML schema string datatype.  One could then, in DTB,
speak only about values and datatypes, which will be much more
convenient and much more elegant.
We should not have moved BLD to last call before finalizing DTB :-(
I now think we should probably redo BLD last call, after finalizing DTB.

> Moreover, I think by dropping the specific guard predicates, we can get
> rid of the definition of short names for symbol spaces as well.


Best, Jos

> Axel

Jos de Bruijn  
No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of
his own mistakes deserves to be called a
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