I have implemented the suggestion that Sandro made regarding generating
a summary of XML serialization from the BNF annotation using Jacc. I am
attaching the README file. A Jacc grammar documentation now has a tab to
see the XML serialization patterns its annotations generates. This is
a bit in the format used in Harold's BLD document's appendix showing the
same information, except that here it is systematically generated.

I can talk briefly about that on Tuesday if anyone is interested.

Hassan At-Kaci  *  ILOG, Inc. - Product Division R&D
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This refers to a bundle that I have made available for downloading at I am
submitting the documents it contains to this WG's attention for two

1. to illustrate the sort of easy HTML-generated documentation giving
   the precise way each syntactic construct in the PS is rendered in
   XML; and,

2. to experiment with alternative styles as the one used currently
   by this WG, and invite a debate of finalizing the XML style for

In the zipped tarball BLD2XML.tar.gz are the following documents:

0. This file (README.txt);

1. BLDDoc/000StartHere.html: A Jacc-generated HTML documentation
   for a BLD grammar (as presented in the BLD document of May 2, 2008)
   in the style that is currently advocated in that document;

3. The files test1.bld and test2.bld contain the test examples used. The
   first one is that given for a full RIF BLD document in the current
   RIF WG Wiki describing BLD.

4. JaccXmlAnnotations.doc: documentation explaining the Jacc grammar
   XML serialization annotation.

Finally, note that all the features for XML serialization described in
JaccXmlAnnotations.doc have been implemented but not thorougly tested:
bug reports will be appreciated.

Enjoy - or not! ...

Hassan Aït-Kaci  *  ILOG, Inc. - Product Division R&D

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