draft snapshots ready

I've made review snapshots, to make it easier to see changes from here
on out.  (The wiki change system is usable on the new wiki, but I still
generally prefer the color-coded diffs).

They are linked in the "Latest Internal Snapshot" row of the WG
homepage, but I'll give them here for completeness:


I believe we'll be deciding, at the F2F in 8 days, whether to publish
each of these.  (Also PRD, which I expect to snapshot in about 24
hours).  I believe BLD and RDF-OWL will be up for Last Call Working
Draft, DTB and PRD for First Public Working Draft, and FLD and UCR as
Ordinary Working Draft.

My apologies to the editors for not coordinating this with you.  I'm
happy to make new snapshots when/if you like -- I just wanted to get a
version nailed down for reference, for people reviewing the drafts for
the F2F and publication decisions.    

   -- Sandro

Received on Sunday, 18 May 2008 23:00:29 UTC