planning RIF's future

As you may recall, this Working Group was originally chartered through
November 2007.  The charter said that the group could expect to be
extended, as necessary if there was appropriate progress and
participation.  While progress was slow at first, participation was
good and progress was picking up, so we got a short-term extension,
through the end of May 2008, with the understanding that we would
reach Last Call on BLD.  The past few weeks have had a few big
digressions, but looking over the list of things remaining on the
critical path, I think the goal is quite attainable.  So, we should
talk some more about what to do next.

Here's a proposal for a work plan for a 1-year extension, which I've
talked over with Chris and Christian, and some of my management.  The
wording is mine (since talking to them), so don't take this as a firm
commitment from anyone.

1.  Produce several W3C Recommendations.  These will each require wide
    external review, multiple interoperating implementations, and a
    test suite.

     - BLD, DTB, and SWC  -- finish up what're working on now; respond
                             to public comments; fix bugs; gather
                             implementation experience; produce test suite
     - Core               -- specify the fragment of BLD which is
                             reasonable to implement on most real
                             rule engines
     - XTAN               -- the XML fallback mechanism, something
                             like I proposed, but cut back if
                             necessary to be done in time
     - PRD                -- just the basic production rules stuff,
                             something like BLD is for the logic side

    As an intermediate goal, I think Core, PRD, and XTAN should expect
    to be at Last Call by December 1 if their to reach Rec by June 1.
    If BLD/DTB/SWC ends up needing a lot of attention, then slide
    Core, XTAN, and PRD back some months.

2.  Begin work on some other extensions/dialects, getting these to
    Last Call.   I expect them to begin as BLD/DTB/SWC wrap up, then
    proceeding largely in parallel, not using many of the same people
    as PRD or XTAN.

     - Logic Programming dialect (of some variety)
     - FOL dialect (of some variety)
     - extension for access to XML data sources

The big question for each of you is whether this will work for you and
your organization.  Will you stay involved, contributing to this effort
for another year?

I believe this will be on the agenda, briefly, for the next telecon.  We
can talk about it in more detail, and get an actual headcount at the
F2F.  But if you expect you'll be dropping out, or if you have a real
problem with this work plan, please let us know as soon as possible.

    -- Sandro

Received on Wednesday, 7 May 2008 19:40:21 UTC