Re: Deriving BLD PS from the XML syntax (Was: Re: escaping quotes)

Christian de Sainte Marie wrote:
> Hassan At-Kaci wrote:
>> [...] This documentation is
>> automatically generated from the annotated grammar.
> Any way this can be used in the BLD document?

Not sure what you mean.

It is intended to enable easy experimentation with various possible
XML styles for RIF BLD (and any forthcoming RIF dialect) serialization.

The fact that it also generates this navigatable documentation
is a side-porduct of the corresponding BLD->XML compiler
generated by Jacc from the same annotated grammar.

Anyways, all this to help nail down the last details regarding
finalizing the XML shape of a RIF/BLD document, as well as set
the trend for other dialects.

As for your worries about the BLD PS, think of it not a real
user-oriented rule language, but as a sort of semi-digested
(i.e., partially compiled) canonical proto rule-language that
enables us, the designers of the RIF XML format, to express
the relevant constructs more easily. That's it. I agree with
MK that it makes no sense to try and turn it into a full-fledged
rule language. It is just meant to illustrate the XML constructs
for the RIF. The real exercise is for each willing party to
take their own favorite rule language and serialize it into
the RIF XML constructs. This is why I have labored to create
the BLD->XML compiler: I am now going to use the same technique
on an ILOG Rules grammar annotating it to serialize the parts
of it that fall into the BLD expressivity into whatever XML
format comes out of this mill.

BTW, I forgot to mention that the file wg-style.xml contains the
result of running the generated BLD parser documented in the file
wg-style-doc/00StartHere.html on the file test.bld (which the test
example I use - i.e., that given for a full RIF BLD document in the
current Wiki descrining BLD). Same for files hak-style.xml and

> CHristian

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