Re: planning RIF's future


Looks like a good plan, but whether 1 year is enough depends on the speed
of the progress.  As you know, sometimes we hit unexpected snags.

I have some questions/comments:

1.  You wrote:
        - BLD, DTB, and SWC  -- finish up what're working on now;

    Was the omission of FLD intentional?  Did you mean BLD/FLD?
    What about UC&R?

2.  When you are talking about 1 year, do you mean May 2009?
    Is it a kind of 2nd phase?

3.  Getting LP + FOL + PRD dialects to the last call in < 1 year is very
    ambitious, but I assume that we can get an extension on that.
    (In fact, LP and FOL are mainly done as part of FLD, but significant
    work is still ahead.)


> As you may recall, this Working Group was originally chartered through
> November 2007.  The charter said that the group could expect to be
> extended, as necessary if there was appropriate progress and
> participation.  While progress was slow at first, participation was
> good and progress was picking up, so we got a short-term extension,
> through the end of May 2008, with the understanding that we would
> reach Last Call on BLD.  The past few weeks have had a few big
> digressions, but looking over the list of things remaining on the
> critical path, I think the goal is quite attainable.  So, we should
> talk some more about what to do next.
> Here's a proposal for a work plan for a 1-year extension, which I've
> talked over with Chris and Christian, and some of my management.  The
> wording is mine (since talking to them), so don't take this as a firm
> commitment from anyone.
> 1.  Produce several W3C Recommendations.  These will each require wide
>     external review, multiple interoperating implementations, and a
>     test suite.
>      - BLD, DTB, and SWC  -- finish up what're working on now; respond
>                              to public comments; fix bugs; gather
>                              implementation experience; produce test suite
>      - Core               -- specify the fragment of BLD which is
>                              reasonable to implement on most real
>                              rule engines
>      - XTAN               -- the XML fallback mechanism, something
>                              like I proposed, but cut back if
>                              necessary to be done in time
>      - PRD                -- just the basic production rules stuff,
>                              something like BLD is for the logic side
>     As an intermediate goal, I think Core, PRD, and XTAN should expect
>     to be at Last Call by December 1 if their to reach Rec by June 1.
>     If BLD/DTB/SWC ends up needing a lot of attention, then slide
>     Core, XTAN, and PRD back some months.
> 2.  Begin work on some other extensions/dialects, getting these to
>     Last Call.   I expect them to begin as BLD/DTB/SWC wrap up, then
>     proceeding largely in parallel, not using many of the same people
>     as PRD or XTAN.
>      - Logic Programming dialect (of some variety)
>      - FOL dialect (of some variety)
>      - extension for access to XML data sources
> The big question for each of you is whether this will work for you and
> your organization.  Will you stay involved, contributing to this effort
> for another year?
> I believe this will be on the agenda, briefly, for the next telecon.  We
> can talk about it in more detail, and get an actual headcount at the
> F2F.  But if you expect you'll be dropping out, or if you have a real
> problem with this work plan, please let us know as soon as possible.
>     -- Sandro

Received on Wednesday, 7 May 2008 23:05:27 UTC