Re: Deriving BLD PS from the XML syntax (Was: Re: escaping quotes)


Jos de Bruijn wrote:
> You need to keep in mind that the BNF grammar is not the specification 
> of the presentation syntax. The presentation syntax is defined in 
> sections 2.1-2.4.

I do not understand what you mean: whatever I read in 2.1 to 2.4 seems 
to work for the XML syntax as well as for the PS. So, why cannot it be 
construed as defining the XML syntax rather than (or: as well as) the PS?

One benefit of doing so is that some things go in the XML syntax and not 
in the PS. E.g. metadata everywhere does probably not make sense in the 
PS; but why not allow it in the XML? If the only reason is that the XML 
is derived from the PS (in the sense of the EBNF), my point is that it 
does not have to.

Or, at least, you did not convince me yet that it does...


PS: Another point I wanted to make is that, whatever the direction or 
derivation, the XML syntax must be described more precisely in BLD. 
BNF-like pseudo schema, as they relate easily to the EBNF, look like a 
good option to me.

Received on Wednesday, 7 May 2008 11:29:48 UTC