Re: Deriving BLD PS from the XML syntax (Was: Re: escaping quotes)

Christian de Sainte Marie wrote:

> PS: Another point I wanted to make is that, whatever the direction or 
> derivation, the XML syntax must be described more precisely in BLD. 
> BNF-like pseudo schema, as they relate easily to the EBNF, look like a 
> good option to me.

Please refer to my recent mail on BLD -> XML, get the bundle,
unbundle it someplace, then start navigating with the file
wg-style-doc/000StartHere.html. As you can see by navigating
through the BLD grammar HTML documentation (by clicking e.g.
on Start and clicking on grammar symbols as they appear in
grammar rules), you will notice that some rules are annotated
(when the arrow is a link). Clicking on the arrow will then
open a window giving you the precise correspondence between
a PS construct and its XML structure. This documentation is
automatically generated from the annotated grammar.


PS/ Harold: have looked at this yet? Pls let me know if that
     is useful or not for your purposes as I wish to wrap this
     up for now and move on to other pursuits.
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