Re: Deriving BLD PS from the XML syntax (Was: Re: escaping quotes)

> Here is how it works: replace all of section 2.5 (EBNF Grammar for the 
> Presentation Syntax of RIF-BLD) with the text in the file. Print whole 
> document. Read. Does it make sense?

You need to keep in mind that the BNF grammar is not the specification 
of the presentation syntax. The presentation syntax is defined in 
sections 2.1-2.4.
In fact, the syntax could not be defined in terms of BNF, because BNF 
cannot capture all the constraints on the syntax.  The BNF is just there 
to increase understanding of the language by the reader.
To create a complete specification of the syntax in terms of XML would 
take significant effort, and would greatly increase the chance of errors 
in the syntax.
So, given our time constraints, this is a non-starter.

Best, Jos

> The next step would be to remove section 4.3 (Translation Between the 
> RIF-BLD Presentation and XML Syntaxes) and to keep only the examples 
> from 4.1 and 4.2 (and probably move them earlier in the text). But you 
> can try my suggestion of presentation without going that far.
> I believe that, give the short time I spent on it, it is close enough 
> that we should at least give that alternative a thought...
> Cheers,
> Christian

Jos de Bruijn  
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