escaping quotes

> 3. Regarding your response to Hassan suggesting " instead of \", I do
> not understand your reasoning. You were so gang-ho on brevity and now
> suddenly 6 characters instead of two?
> If you want to use entities, like ", then why not use them
> throughout? That is, instead of rif:iri use &rif;iri, and we are done away
> with context-sensitive curies and all that. (This is what I was proposing
> from the very beginning except that I was suggesting to use : instead of
> &...;.)

Surely we're only talking about using """ in the XML syntax, not in
the Presentation Syntax.

The question about how we escape quotes in the presentation syntax
worries me because it's very distracting.  I'd like the presentation
syntax to be implementable, but I don't want to spend significant WG
time on that this month (and we've already spent a lot).

Maybe we can focus on issues in the XML syntax instead?

     -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 5 May 2008 17:40:31 UTC