Re: moving TRs to MediaWiki

Hi Sandro,

it looks good, but I did not understand which color-coded diffs you are
talking about.

Apart from the little problems that you mentioned, I noticed that the new
wiki contains all the MoinMoin files (including references, appendix) in
one wiki file. Is it how it is supposed to be in Mediawiki?


> I believe I have completed the script [1] to convert TR-style documents
> from MoinMoin to MediaWiki.
> For example:
> was generated by wiki-tr from the MoinMoin page:
> ... and
> was generated by wikisnapper [2] from the MediaWiki page:
> If you look at the "color coded diff" on the second (0215) page, you'll
> see a few differences:
>    * A comma after the editor's names.   We may want to manually remove
>      the parens and make the editor's names links.
>    * Some "Please Comment By" boilerplate text
>    * The section numbering does not skip levels.   Instead of
>      having "2.0.1" (and no "2.1." anything) we now have "2.1".  I
>      expect this is a bug-fix.
>    * The Table-of-Contents format is slightly different, eg without
>      trailing periods on numbers.   
>    * There are a few changes in non-breaking whitespace, none of
>      which I think is a problem (but it shows up on the diff)
>    * The URLs in the Reference are not all turned into links any
>      more; I believe the new behavior is correct.
> (For this diff I cheated and manually expanded " and > in the
> new version before running the diff, since mediawiki outputs them.)
> This turned out to be quite hairy!  See [1] if you're curious.
> Editors -- please look that Conversion-test page and see if it looks
> okay and if you're ready for us to move to MediaWiki.  My script for
> publishing from MediaWiki (wikisnapper [2]) automates a lot more of
> publishing than wiki-tr did, so I want to use it for the next round.  My
> inclination is to switch before the F2F, so we can more easily iron out
> any difficulties in the conversion, but I don't want to complicated
> things for the editors, either.
> I had talked at one point about being able to use HTML as the MediaWiki
> source format.  That turned out not to work right (the wiki doesn't see
> section headings inside an html-block), so we have what we have, which
> is wiki markup plus bits of safe-HTML as needed.
> MediaWiki formatting:
> Comments?
>      -- Sandro
> [1]
> [2]

Received on Saturday, 16 February 2008 18:46:28 UTC