moving TRs to MediaWiki

I believe I have completed the script [1] to convert TR-style documents
from MoinMoin to MediaWiki.

For example:
was generated by wiki-tr from the MoinMoin page:

... and
was generated by wikisnapper [2] from the MediaWiki page:

If you look at the "color coded diff" on the second (0215) page, you'll
see a few differences:

   * A comma after the editor's names.   We may want to manually remove
     the parens and make the editor's names links.
   * Some "Please Comment By" boilerplate text
   * The section numbering does not skip levels.   Instead of
     having "2.0.1" (and no "2.1." anything) we now have "2.1".  I
     expect this is a bug-fix.
   * The Table-of-Contents format is slightly different, eg without
     trailing periods on numbers.   
   * There are a few changes in non-breaking whitespace, none of
     which I think is a problem (but it shows up on the diff)
   * The URLs in the Reference are not all turned into links any
     more; I believe the new behavior is correct.

(For this diff I cheated and manually expanded " and > in the
new version before running the diff, since mediawiki outputs them.)

This turned out to be quite hairy!  See [1] if you're curious.

Editors -- please look that Conversion-test page and see if it looks
okay and if you're ready for us to move to MediaWiki.  My script for
publishing from MediaWiki (wikisnapper [2]) automates a lot more of
publishing than wiki-tr did, so I want to use it for the next round.  My
inclination is to switch before the F2F, so we can more easily iron out
any difficulties in the conversion, but I don't want to complicated
things for the editors, either.

I had talked at one point about being able to use HTML as the MediaWiki
source format.  That turned out not to work right (the wiki doesn't see
section headings inside an html-block), so we have what we have, which
is wiki markup plus bits of safe-HTML as needed.

MediaWiki formatting:

     -- Sandro


Received on Friday, 15 February 2008 15:58:28 UTC