[editorial] RDFa Lite 1.1 needs to say what RDF and RDFa are

Please at least expand the acronyms.

The Abstract says just,
RDFa Lite is a minimal subset of RDFa consisting of a few attributes
that may be applied to most simple to moderate structured data markup
tasks. While it is not a complete solution for advanced markup tasks, it
does work for most day-to-day needs and can be grasped by most Web
authors with minimal effort.

but I would not think of RDFa as a replacement for stuctured data in the
SQL/relational algebra sense at all, nor as a replacement for HTML or
XML, despite the mention of (insult of?) Web authors...

RDFa, the Resource Description Framework in attributes, is a method of
including RDF in HTML; RDFa Lite is a simplified subset of RDFa, and is
intended to be easier to deploy in Web page than full RDFa.

I'm surprised also there are no bibliographic references to RDF in this
document. I think it would be useful to point to the RDF Primer at



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Received on Monday, 30 April 2012 23:30:43 UTC