Re: Official Response to ISSUE-138 from RDF Web Apps WG

Hi Manu!

I absolutely accept this decision.

However, I suspect that the proposed regexp misses some edge cases,
which I have reported to Shane. I've proposed this alternative:


Which I *think* is ok.

My test code for this can be seen at <>
(this also needs more eyes on it to confirm that it is setting the
correct expectations).

Best regards,

2012/4/27 Manu Sporny <>:
> Hi Niklas,
> Thank you for your continued feedback on the RDFa 1.1 documents. This is
> an official response from the RDF Web Apps WG to your Candidate
> Recommendation issue before we enter the Proposed Recommendation phase
> for the RDFa 1.1 specifications.
> Your issue was tracked here:
> Explanation of Issue
> --------------------
> You were concerned that the CURIE regex specified in the RDFa Core 1.1
> specification in Appendix A.1 was incorrect.
> Working Group Decision
> ----------------------
> The Working Group discussed the issue briefly:
> We agreed with your position that the regex was incorrect. The Working
> Group agreed to fix the issue:
> RESOLVED: Fix the regular expression for the definition of a CURIE in
> RDFa Core 1.1, Appendix A.1 to not allow "://" as a valid CURIE.
> Feedback
> --------
> Since this is an official Working Group response to your issue, and
> since the group is under an extremely tight deadline, we would really
> appreciate it if you responded immediately to this e-mail and let us
> know if the findings and decision made by the group is acceptable to you
> as soon as possible.
> -- manu
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