Re: Re 2: RDFa Lite 1.1 Conformance Section - host language attributes (ISSUE-136)


On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 5:54 AM, Ivan Herman <> wrote:

> Can we agree to modify the second bullet points in 3.1 of RDFa Lite as:
> [[[
> It must not use any additional RDFa attributes other than vocab, typeof,
> property, resource, and prefix; it may also use href and src, in case the
> Host Language authorizes their usage. The usage of rel and rev, if
> authorized by the Host Language, should be restricted to non-RDFa usage
> patterns, as defined by the Host Language.
> ]]]

It seems to me that you're assuming here that option #1 from ISSUE-135 was
adopted, but the group hasn't taken a formal decision on that yet (I hope
this can be done tomorrow).

Your proposal is fine by me, we just need to decide on the @rel case before
make the change you suggest above.


> I know the 'non-RDFa usage pattern' is a bit cryptic, but I am not sure
> what else to say. We essentially try to convey to RDFa Lite users: do not
> use that stuff for RDFa. That, plus option #1 of Stéphane will, in my view,
> cover all non-corner cases of RDFa Lite + HTML5 (which is the main 'market'
> for this).
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