XML+RDFa Document Conformance

In RDFa Core 1.1, Section 4.3, first paragraph: You mention HTML+RDFa and
XHTML+RDFa as examples of document types that have RDFa integrated into
them. You then mention that the spec "does define processing rules for
generic XML documents..." and then list two criteria for those "generic XML
documents."  In the second half of that section, you say, "When an RDFa
Processor processes an XML+RDFa document, it does so via the following
initial context." Now, in this sentence, does "XML+RDFa document" mean the
same thing as "generic XML document" did in the first paragraph? In other

A) Does an XML+RDFa document have to meet the two criteria listed in the
first half of the section?

B) Are all "generic XML documents" processed starting with the initial
context listed in the second half of the section?

C) Do HTML+RDFa documents begin processing with that same initial context,
even though they are not, technically, XML documents, generic or otherwise?

Received on Tuesday, 3 April 2012 04:13:54 UTC