Re: \b in Turtle

* Gavin Carothers <> [2012-03-18 07:25-0700]
> Zhe has pointed out off list that the editors draft of N-Triples and
> Turtle contain an escape sequence that non of the earlier versions of
> Turtle (including the FPWD) or N-Triples did.
> In String Escapes
> (
> there are two string escape sequences that are new to Turtle and
> N-Triples. \b and \f. These are backspace (U+0008) and form feed
> (U+000C). These appear to come from SPARQL 1.0
> (
> The addition of these may be a backwards incompatible change with
> existing N-Triples parsers.

I think this would instead be forwards-incompatible, that is, all old
NTriples data will be parsable by new NTriples parsers, which was the
design goal agreed upon by Oracle.

> If people feel strongly enough about this issue to break with the
> current design goal of SPARQL alignment we'll need to create an issue
> and make the requisite changes to the document.
> --Gavin


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