\b in Turtle

Zhe has pointed out off list that the editors draft of N-Triples and
Turtle contain an escape sequence that non of the earlier versions of
Turtle (including the FPWD) or N-Triples did.

In String Escapes
there are two string escape sequences that are new to Turtle and
N-Triples. \b and \f. These are backspace (U+0008) and form feed
(U+000C). These appear to come from SPARQL 1.0

The addition of these may be a backwards incomparable change with
existing N-Triples parsers.

If people feel strongly enough about this issue to break with the
current design goal of SPARQL alignment we'll need to create an issue
and make the requisite changes to the document.


Received on Sunday, 18 March 2012 14:26:15 UTC