Re: Proposal for ISSUE-12, string literals

* Richard Cyganiak <> [2011-05-13 16:01+0100]
> On 13 May 2011, at 15:35, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> >  1. no MAY wording - I want SPARQL, N3, and every other system which
> >  is allowed to work over the unentailed graph to be working with the
> >  same graph. 
> Why?
> >  6. either DO or DON'T (no MAY) canonicalize the beloved datatypes in
> >  XSD. (Again, this serves as advice to e.g. parsers and APIs).
> Why?

To both, it's so that there's some uniformity of behavior. I wouldn't
want to be the user of (nor the designer of test cases for) a Semantic
Web which will unpredictably match strings in graph patterns. (I'm
assuming here that users will continue to work on graphs without e.g.
D-entailment; which I think is pretty reallistic.)

> Best,
> Richard


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