[RDF*] How to model multiple uses of relations

In property graphs it's possible to use a relation multiple times, for example

    Foobar -[president_of {from: 1950, to:1954}]-> Japan
    Foobar -[president_of {from: 1962, to:1966}]-> Japan

where "from" and "to" are to properties of the "president_of" relation. This is an old problem that has always remained impossible to translate to RDF. In RDF there is only one relation, one "link" from a node to another. There cannot be 2 different relations with the same name.
I wonder, does RDF* change anything in regard to this behavior? I guess it does not but... I'd still like to ask anyway. For example the following Turtle* will not achieve that, right?

    << :foobar :president_of :japan >> from: 1950 ; to: 1954 .
    << :foobar :president_of :japan >> from: 1962 ; to: 1966 .

:president_of is always the same one relation, correct?

Received on Sunday, 3 January 2021 18:06:10 UTC