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Does RDF support variable and conditional assignment

From: Joy lix <joylix4112@outlook.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2021 15:25:50 +0000
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Dear All:
I wanted to write a machine-readable product manual, and need to describe the attributes of the product. such as:
---  #example-1
                   The economical speed of a car is usually 60% of its maximum speed
     property expression:
                  economicalSpeed = 0.6 * maximumSpeed

---  #example-2
                 When the running speed  is 55-80 km/h, the fourth gear should be adopted, and the corresponding engine speed is 2500-3000 RPM

      property expression:
                 if runningSpeed is in range(55, 80)   then
                         gearLevel = 4
                         engineSpeed should be in range(2500, 3000)

I want to record the above requirements in a single file or in graph database, and use another Python API or SPARQL to query:
       --  Car1.maximumSpeed = 200
            and get -->  Car1.economicalSpeed = 0.6 * 200 = 120
       --  Car2.runningSpeed =70
            and get -->  Car2.gearLevel = 4,    Car2.engineSpeed is in range(2500,300)

I want to know if RDF supports the variable or conditional expressions described above? I want to emphasize that I don't need to implement reasoning or verification in this rdf file, Instead, simply document these attributes and requirements(even use CSV or JSON data form), and  then up to the application to query and compare, so for simplicity, I'll try not to use SHACL. I wonder if there is any other easier way to do this.
Thank you for any advice.

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