Re: SHACL for OWL2

FWIW I agree these would be great SHACL shapes graphs to have, e.g. as 
open source projects. There has been similar work in the past happening 
for SKOS using SPIN. Many other popular vocabularies such as RDF Data 
Cubes also define constraints that have so far not been captured in an 
executable form. See

Plenty of interesting projects in this space...

Regarding OWL, is there a definite list of syntax rules somewhere that 
could be tested? I am also wondering whether the OWL W3C Working Group 
had made such a checker mandatory for OWL implementations (as Peter 
requests we make mandatory for SHACL).


On 24/02/2017 4:43, Stephane Fellah wrote:
> I am trying to use SHACL to validate OWL 2 ontologies to enforce 
> proper encoding of OWL in RDF. Is there any work done in this area ? 
> Is it feasible ?
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