Re: HTML5 already includes RDFa

David Peterson wrote:
> Has there been any more thoughts / movement on this? Sounds like an
> intriguing angle....

Technically speaking, what Toby says is true, but only true in
specification legalese (and let's be honest, only a small fraction of
the Web community cares enough about this stuff to notice).

We should be very clear about support of RDFa in HTML5 by publishing an
HTML+RDFa specification. This is a better route than depending on some
language in a specification (SVG Tiny 1.2) linked to by a specification
(HTML5) to establish that RDFa is valid in HTML5.

You could also make the technical argument that while RDFa is valid
inside SVG embedded in HTML5, it isn't valid outside of SVG embedded in
HTML5. So, rather than depend on language lawyering, we should make it
very clear that RDFa can be embedded in HTML5:

-- manu

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