Re: SPARQL Query 1.1 review


Thanks for the review.

These changes all seemed like an improvement to me, so I've added them in revision 1.197


On 2011-02-11, at 12:36, Birte Glimm wrote:
> 12 Subqueries, after the data for the first example:
> "Return a name (the one with the lowest sort order) from all the
> people that know Alice and have a name."
> Isn't the query rather asking for people that Alice knows? How about:
> "Return a name (the one with the lowest sort order) for all the
> people that Alice knows and who have a name."
> at the end of the example:
> Subqueries require one additional algebra operator, ToMultiset, which
> takes *l*ists and returns *m*ultisets.
> I don't see a reason to put list and multiset in upper case since
> these terms do not refer to any function in this context.
> at the end of the section:
> Only variables projected by the Project function are visible to
> operations outside the ToMultiset call.
> <code>ToMultiset</code> (for consistency)

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