Re: Service or graph store naming.

On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Gregory Williams <> wrote:
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> I don't agree that this is entirely the second case. Protocol implementations that return a service description but don't implement the
> dataset protocol may still have URIs for the dataset. Just the use of sd:defaultDatasetDescription (or typing as sd:Dataset) isn't
> enough to imply that the URI acts as part of the dataset protocol. The only way as described to find out is to dereference the URI
> and see if you get anything back.
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> I don't think it's improper, no. But sd:Dataset is a fundamental part of the service description vocabulary that doesn't necessarily
> imply availability of a dataset protocol resource.

Ok, so the SD vocabulary would need some extension to specify this.
Do you have any suggestions?  I was browsing through the SD vocabulary
to find an appropriate extension point, but didn't find any
immediately obvious ones.  One thing I noticed is that sd:Service
instances are instances of SPARQL Protocol implementations.  The
current SPARQL protocol includes operations (and bindings to HTTP) for
the Update language but not for the RDF Dataset HTTP Protocol.  So, it
doesn't appear that instances of sd:Service can be implementations of
the RDF Dataset HTTP Protocol since the SPARQL Protocol doesn't
specify HTTP bindings for it.

I.e., assuming (just for the sake of conversation) there is an
sd:RESTDatasetService class, following the dependent specifications
seem to  suggest:

sd:RESTDatasetService owl:disjointWith sd:Service

Otherwise, I would have suggested adding something like

sd:RESTDatasetService rdfs:subClassOf sd:Service

But, once that conceptual link is made between both classes then this
could serve as the extension point that ensures this entirely in the
second case.  In particular:

sd:RESTDatasetService rdfs:subClassOf
  [ a owl:Restriction owl:onProperty sd:defaultDatasetDescription
      [ a owl:Class;
        owl:intersectionOf ( sd:DataSet ..mutable web resource.. ) ] ]

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