Service or graph store naming.

The Dataset Protocol shows this most sharply because it talks about both 
the graph store and a service.

This matters because GET behaves differently:

GET <service> -> service description

GET <graphStore> -> TriG for the store if allowed.

Looking forward, with the new RDF WG, we do need to leave the 
possibility of the graph store having a URL and GET/PUT to that URL.

There may be multiple services (endpoints) on one graph store.
In Fuseki, I currently have both a service URI and a graph store URI

If the graph store is: http://host/dataset

The services are:

# RDF Dataset HTTP Protocol

so these do the same thing:

# SPARQL Query
http://host/graphstore/query (or /sparql)

# SPARQL Update

My preference is for http://host/graphstore?graph=... to mean that 
http://host/graphstore is the graph store.  There will be other URIs for 
services (query, update) anyway so leave this as the graph store and put 
the service description with a service URI.


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