BIND tests

Hi everyone,

This mail discharged my ACTION-371 
(, to look at the bind 

I looked over the 7 tests in and 
believed them to be accurate and reasonable coverage of the BIND keyword.

I added one new test, bind08, which I believe tests correctly the fact 
that BIND occurs _after_ a group is ended, and hence a FILTER appearing 
before BIND cannot act on the BINDed variables. This is the test:

== query ==


SELECT ?s ?p ?o ?z
   ?s ?p ?o .
   FILTER(?z = 3 )
   BIND(?o+1 AS ?z)

== results ==

(no solutions)

Can someone please check the truth of this test? I don't have a BIND 
implementation to test this with at the moment. Also, if you feel that 
this should not be the semantics of BIND as the WG agreed on a couple of 
months ago, please let us know.

Once this test has been looked at, I'd like to propose that we approve 
these 8 bind tests either this Tuesday or (more likely) one week from 


Received on Monday, 24 January 2011 03:23:16 UTC