Question on ACTION-274: Draft some extra bit for federated query tests manifest vocabulary plus example.

Hi Carlos, Sandro,

I am a bit lost with that...
I remember we had some discussion internally about that, e.g. providing a dedicated "endpoint" responding to specific queries in a certain way...
That could be done by providing some hard-coded "dummy" endpoint that responds to a couple of specific HTTP encoded SPARQL queries which we use in the test cases with the respective SPARQL-result. 

If we had that, I believe, we wouldn't need to specify any extra vocabulary for the test cases for fed query, the only thing is to get some URIs like e.g.*+WHERE+{%3FS+%3FP+%3FO+}

to serve some specified results. Would that do?


Received on Thursday, 20 January 2011 13:48:59 UTC