Re: ACTION-272,Collect some Update test cases and put them in CVS

On 27/09/10 21:45, Matt Perry wrote:
> Hi,
> I have added some DELETE test cases to CVS. They are in 3 directories:
> delete, delete-data, and delete-where.

Great - I'll try to follow the manifest format and build a update test 
processor for mechanical execution of the tests.


Axel: what's the status on the test manifest language for update?

Trail seems to end at:

My earlier comments:

includes using file extension .ru for update files.

Matt's use of qt:data is OK by me (used to describe a dataset - you had 
issues for entailment) but we really ought not to use "qt:query" for the 
request as the (implicit) range is a query and the (explicit) domain is 
a :QueryTest.

What about "ut:request"?

((The test document has broken links:

> Thanks,
> Matt


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