Re: limit per resource rethought...

On 2010-08-13, at 22:37, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 13/08/10 10:38, Steve Harris wrote:
>>> >>  SELECT ?p (SCALAR(1, DESC ?name) AS ?n1) (SCALAR(2, DESC ?name) AS ?n2) (SCALAR(3, DESC ?name) AS ?n3)
>>> clever use of the error condition:-)
> > It is?
> If an error were a error in the query this would not work if there were less than 3 ?name.  As it stands, you get the cardinality you want by the fact that an error in the SELECT expression causes no binding but the query is not itself an error.

Oh, I see. I thought maybe I was missing some great subtlety. I think it's more of a proof-point that we made the right decision there.

- Steve

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