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Hi Carlos,

thanks for sending the introduction!
welcome and looking forward to hearing you in one of the coming Phone calls. Let me summarise some basic useful information:

As you already know, the group is holding regular weekly telephone conferences, Tuesdays, usually 15:00 UK time, see [1]. Apart from that, we are also scheduling some
special purpose telephone calls focused on selected topics (see e.g. agenda for today).

To get an overview where the group is currently at, for a start I refer you the group's wiki page [2], where you find links to the latest editor's drafts, 
charter, etc. the archives of group's internal mailinglist [3] and the public-comments mailinglist [4], as well as the meeting page [1], 
where you also find minutes of past meetings, etc. Another helpful source of information (which you can access with your w3c-account) is the tracker [5], 
where we collect issues and actions.

Looking forward to hearing you in one of the next teleconferences and working with you,



best regards,

On 20 Jul 2010, at 06:58, Carlos Buil Aranda wrote:

> Dear all,
> my name is Carlos Buil-Aranda and I'm a phd student at the Technical
> University of Madrid. I work mainly in distributed querying and access
> optimisation of distributed SPARQL. Since my university is member of the
> W3C i requested to join this group because I'm very interested in the
> federated part of SPARQL 1.1. I developed a system that federates
> queries and now I'm working in its adaptation to the last version of SPARQL.
> I will try to participate and contribute to the wg as much as I can. By
> the time being I have to apologise for not being able to join the next
> phone call. Today I'm travelling to Santuago (Chile). During the next
> three months I will be working with Marcelo Arenas and Claudio
> Gutierrez, improving my knowledge of all the topics which are discussed
> in this work.
> Best Regards
> Carlos

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