Re: Update changes

On 18/01/2010 2:05 AM, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Thanks, Paul.
> Anyone who is swapped in on update -- please review these changes so
> that we can decide on publishing the update document on Tuesday.

The document looks OK for publishing in this cycle.


> Lee
> Paul Gearon wrote:
>> I've updated the Update document with the following:
>> - Added a Terminology section.

This should be a top-level section, not 1.2.2.

I presume this will grow over time e.g merge with Graph Store

>> - Removed the "Property Paths" section now that issue 38 has been
>> resolved.

and also "2.2 Basic Federated Query" is a time permitting feature.

>> - Included reference to RFC 2119 terminology and added emphasized
>> SHOULD and OPTIONAL comments.
>> - Added note on discussion of blank nodes in DELETE templates.
>> - Added note on discussion of INSERTs creating new graphs.
>> - Added note on ambiguity around DELETE/INSERT and DELETE statements.
>> - Added note on need to mention partially completed LOAD operations.
>> - Added OPTIONAL description for graph management operations (for the
>> sake of stores that don't support named graphs).

Rather that picking out one feature that is optional, maybe better to 
simple note a service can reject any operation it does not wish to perform.

>> The working copy is at:

Issue 19 is mentioned twice (3.2 and A)

Issue 21 is now closed.

The References section is not ours.

>> I think this is everything I needed for the moment. A lot of the
>> things I have to do have been spread through various email threads,
>> meeting minutes, and verbal conversations, so it's possible I've
>> missed something. Please let me know.
>> Regards,
>> Paul Gearon
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