Service Description Vocabulary

The last big piece of the service description vocabulary is the modeling of the "available universe" of graphs (using the sd:availableGraphDescriptions term). We had sketched this out at a very high level at the F2F2[1], but the exact modeling was never nailed down.

Briefly, I see two open issues: what is the rdf:type of the "available universe" node and what is the property that connects this node with the available named graphs. The rdf:type might be something like sd:GraphCollection (being a collection of named graphs, but without a default graph it isn't a sd:Dataset). It's tempting to think that the property should be sd:namedGraph, already used in describing the default dataset, but then the domain of sd:namedGraph can't remain sd:Dataset. The GraphCollection essentially seems like an rdf:Bag, suggesting that the property might be a subproperty of rdfs:member.

I'd also like to consider renaming the sd:graph property to sd:graphDescription to be more descriptive and to avoid confusion with the introduction of a sd:Graph class.

I've sketched out what I think a full service description document might look like at [2] and welcome any feedback on these issues.



Received on Friday, 15 January 2010 03:33:42 UTC