Checking in on our issues

As per my action,, I 
checked up on all our issues.

I either made sure they're tied to a specific feature's design page, 
tied to an action, could be closed already, or were ready to be closed. 
The first set are those that I'll propose to close either tomorrow or 
next week.

I'll follow-up after FPWD with editors to schedule TC time for issues 
that need it.

Issue Status and Action

== Proposed to Close ==

PROPOSED: Resolve [ Subquery 
syntax (e.g. mandatory curly braces)] by requiring curly braces around 
subqueries and without introducing a keyword.

PROPOSED: Resolve [ What is 
the variable scope between main queries and subqueries?] by noting that 
only variables projected from a subquery are visible outside the 
subquery and that all other variables and all blank nodes within the 
subquery are local to the subquery.

PROPOSED: Resolve [ 
Implicit vs explicit GROUPing] by requiring explicit grouping and 
prohibiting projecting variables (or scalar functions on variables) not 
mentioned in GROUP BY.

PROPOSED: Resolve [ 
Presence and syntactic detail of HAVING clause] in favor of a HAVING clause

== Needs more info == - what does this mean?

== Other action taken == - tied to - closed, resolved by Phase 
II charter text on function library

issues 4-8,10,13 - tied to - closed, clear consensus 
that SPARQL Query/1.1 includes subselects in graph patterns

issues 14-16, 35, 41 - tied to

issues 18-22, 24-28 - already tracked on

issue 29 - tied to - no action taken, will be 
resolved by review & eventually last call publication of restful update doc - closed based on decision 
to publish Service Description document on its own and by decision to 
discover service descriptions via request on the endpoint URI - closed based on 
resolution at .

issue 33 - already tied to action-77 on Lee

issue 34 - tied to

issue 36, 39 - tied to

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