Re: Introduction: Lee Feigenbaum

I wanted to quickly update my introduction to note that my employer, 
Cambridge Semantics, has recently joined the W3C, and as such I am no 
longer an invited expert but instead represent Cambridge Semantics on 
the working group. Since I continue as co-chair, however, I'll continue 
to be primarily looking out for the working group as a whole rather than 
expressing the views of my employer. I'll make it clear if I am 
expressing my organization's opinion at any point in time.


Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Role: Co-chair
> I am an invited expert in the working group; as such, I am not 
> representing the interests of any organization.
> == Bio ==
> I worked with Semantic Web technologies at IBM for about five years, 
> from 2002-2007, before leaving to start Cambridge Semantics. I'm the 
> original author of the Glitter SPARQL engine, which is a component of 
> Open Anzo.
> I joined the RDF Data Access Working Group (the first SPARQL group) in 
> the middle of 2005 and served as chair from the beginning of 2007 
> through to the end of the group's work in early 2008. I also served for 
> a short while as a co-editor of the SPARQL Protocol specification, and I 
> was involved in drafting a working draft on a WSDL 1.1 version of the 
> SPARQL Protocol. I was also a co-editor of the working group note on 
> serializing the results of SPARQL queries in JSON.
> Rounding out my SPARQL experience, I co-wrote sparql.js[2], a simple 
> JavaScript library for issuing SPARQL queries and processing JSON 
> results. Once upon a time Elias torres and I used this to create an 
> early demo o fusing SPARQL to mashup calendar data on the Web [3]. 
> Unfortunately, I think that bit rot has been the demise of that 
> particular demonstration.
> == Contact info ==
> The best way to reach me is usually via email to I 
> also try to hang out on #sparql on, though I'm less reliable 
> there. I'm happy to chat voice as well, either at +1 (617) 553 1060 or 
> via skype.
> == Goals for SPARQL WG ==
> I'd like to do whatever I can to help the group produce a core set of 
> extensions to the SPARQL specifications. Things that are important to me:
> 1) Timeliness - it's important to me that we produce high-quality work 
> within our 18-month timeframe
> 2) Balancing
>   * the needs of the SPARQL user community
>   * the work of SPARQL implementors
>   * the energy & enthusiasm of the SPARQL working group
> 3) Producing high-quality, clear and concise specification text
> 4) Producing and maintaining test cases to
>   * promote concrete discussion of proposed features
>   * provide guidance and a test suite for SPARQL implementors
> I do have my own personal opinions on SPARQL extensions, but for the 
> most part I intend to cast those aside and act as an objective aid for 
> the working group to reach consensus on the best path forward for 
> extending SPARQL.
> Please don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help you out in any way,
> Lee
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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