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[TF-ENT] Re: Entailment Regimes Task Force

From: Axel Polleres <axel.polleres@deri.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:49:33 +0100
Message-ID: <4A8935BD.7050405@deri.org>
To: ivan@w3.org
CC: Birte Glimm <birte.glimm@comlab.ox.ac.uk>, SPARQL Working Group <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>
Added a reference to a paper of ours [1] formalizing Rule-based 
entailment regimes on 

The paper is overall about "parameterized inference", which is 
overshooting as for what we want to define here, but I hope that some of 
the (fairly straightforward) definitions can help to define what rule 
based entailment regimes mean... mainly [1, Section 3.2].
  What is covered here is a very basic subset of RIF Core only, i.e. 
safe  datalog, no bnodes in conclusions, no built-in calls in Rules, 
which is the natural minimal rwquiremtne. So, wherever more we want to 
go , I believe we need to define an appropriate subdialect of RIF that 
covers the kind of rules we want to allow.


1. Giovambattista Ianni, Thomas Krennwallner, Alessandra Martello, and 
Axel Polleres. Dynamic querying of mass-storage RDF data with rule-based 
entailment regimes.  ISWC'09, to appear.

Ivan Herman wrote:
> Following Andy's lead, I have re-sent this mail by adding a [TF-ENT] to
> the subject line. I think it would be a good idea to keep to that usage;
> at the minimum it means that email client filters can be set up to
> separate those mails easily...
> Ivan
> Ivan Herman wrote:
>> Thank you Birte!
>> - I have added a reference to the paper Axel referred to. WOuld be good
>> to have a reference to Bijan et al's paper.
>> - Your idea that, eventually, we would look at both, eventually, sounds
>> good. But before we do that I think we should exactly understand what
>> the SPARQL extension mechanism entails and what type of document we have
>> to produce. I think Bijan knows this better than, at least, you and
>> me... Also, I expect that OWL RL, whatever we take from OWL RDF based
>> semantics and RDFS will be very similar...
>> Cheers
>> Ivan
>> P.S. And now I am really, really, off to vacations, get on the plane
>> this afternoon:-)
>> Birte Glimm wrote:
>>> I tried to rename SPARQL/OWL to SPARQL/Entailment as Ivan suggested,
>>> but my knowledge about how to work with wiki pages is too limited :-(
>>> I managed to change the headline on the pape, but I can't see how I
>>> can rename the page. I can of course create a new page with the same
>>> content in it, but how can I then delete the old page?
>>> Regarding Axel's comment on how to proceed, Bijan (with co-authors)
>>> has a paper in which they outline how SPARQL can be used with OWL
>>> reasoners (Direct Semantics). How about kicking off both, the work on
>>> RIF/RDFS and OWL or to speak in entailment regimes with the extensions
>>> to RDF-Based and to Direct Semantics?
>>> Birte
>>> 2009/8/2 Axel Polleres <axel.polleres@deri.org>:
>>>> Birte Glimm wrote:
>>>>> Ivan,
>>>>> I used that name because that is the name that was used for the
>>>>> feature all the time since I joined the WG. That is what the feature
>>>>> was named in the initial voting about which features the group would
>>>>> work on and during the F2F. I agree that it might not be a well-chosen
>>>>> name, so do you suggest we start the TF with a discussion about what
>>>>> name we use?
>>>>> Birte
>>>> FWIW, and regarding Ivan's comment that RDFS and (some dialect of) RIF
>>>> entailments should be treated, I suggest to start for RIF/RDFS with a very
>>>> simple subdialect of rif core just strong enough to cover most of RDFS and
>>>> probably not beyond N3.
>>>> Basically, what I mean here ar safe rules with only bnode-free BGPs in the
>>>> head and body, e.g.
>>>>  {?s a ?c} :- {?s ?p ?o . ?p rdfs:domain ?c }
>>>>  ...
>>>> That covers e.g. most of OWL RL, I believe, and all of the RDFS rules
>>>> in [1], though it would leave out surrogate bnode construction (if
>>>> intermediate non-RDF inderences are allowed, which is fine in RIF, these
>>>> aren't really needed, I believe).
>>>> I have something drafted already in a paper on that, so I am happy to drive
>>>> that part.
>>>> Axel
>>>> 1. http://www.eswc2007.org/pdf/eswc07-munoz.pdf
>>>>> 2009/8/1 Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>:
>>>>>  > Great, thanks!
>>>>>  >
>>>>>  > One immediate comment, though: the entry for the time-permitting
>>>>>  > features is not only OWL. It also includes RDFS inference and possibly
>>>>>  > looking at RIF rules. Would it be possible to rename the page to avoid
>>>>>  > any misunderstandings?
>>>>>  >
>>>>>  > Ivan
>>>>>  >
>>>>>  > Birte Glimm wrote:
>>>>>  >> Hi all,
>>>>>  >> following Andy's example, I have created a wiki page for the
>>>>>  >>
>>>>>  >> http://www.w3.org/2009/sparql/wiki/TaskForce:SPARQLOWL
>>>>>  >>
>>>>>  >> also in Category:TaskForce
>>>>>  >>
>>>>>  >> The list of names from WG telecon (2009-07-28) is there. Please add
>>>>>  >> yourself if you want to participate and are not yet on the list.
>>>>>  >> Could I also ask interested people to note their availability for a
>>>>>  >> generally good slot in the week where we could meet when needed.
>>>>>  >>
>>>>>  >> Birte
>>>>>  >>
>>>>>  >
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