Re: summary of some cwm/euler implementation experience w.r.t. accessing RDF collections


> I polled the WG on this, and there seems to be a critical
> mass of support to do this as a Working Draft.

Good to hear that!

> EricP expreseed interest in helping... I wonder if this would
> compete with getting SPARQL QL stuff done, or if it would provide
> a needed fun distraction?

I would be more than happy with that :-)
(I'm now having some holidays, but will try to join the tcon later
today and meanwhile I'm learning Python and writing (*))

> Aside from EricP, there weren't many offers to help with the writing,
> but people were supportive of making it a WG deliverable; they would
> either review it or trust that it was OK.
> I'd be particularly greatful if you could elaborate your
> sketch to address this comment about traversing trees...
> 2005-10-26T14:53:28Z from david.h.jones
> (and following).
> I think trees can be done with inference in much the same
> way as lists.

Is what I also thought and I made an attempt with an extended sketch at

> It would be nice if we could request publication as a Working Draft
> before the 21 Nov pre-AC-meeting publication deadline. In order
> to do that, we'd need a WG decision to publish in our 14 Nov meeting,
> so we'd need something to look at by 13 Nov, at the latest.
> It wouldn't have to be *completely* finished, but it would
> have to be close enough that the WG would trust you and
> maybe one or two other people to finish it up.

Good plan Dan.

> On Sun, 2005-10-09 at 09:42 -0500, Dan Connolly wrote:
>> On Sun, 2005-10-09 at 15:40 +0200, wrote:
>>> In message 
>>> I promised Dan to spare some time to write a short note about 
>>> RDF collections and I found some sunday afternoon time to write
>>> which is just an initial attempt :-)
>> Hey, that's a great start.
>> Alistair, can you take a look and see if this is helpful?
>> It's pretty much what I had in mind.
>> We'd just add some title page stuff and references,
>> and publish it.
>> Maybe one or two more examples would be useful.
>> Alistair, can you give us an example from an application
>> you have experience with?
>> I think I have a banking example somewhere, with a list
>> of checks or something. I'll try to find that one.

Jos De Roo, AGFA

(*) the so called euler path anti-looping detection is now working!

  if unify(triple, c.env, rule.head, child.env,1) :
    ep = 0  # euler path
    cp = c.parent
    while cp :
      if cp.pos == c.pos and 
unify(cp.rule.head,cp.env,c.rule.head,c.env,0) :
        ep = 1
      cp = cp.parent
    if not ep : queue.insert(i, child)

  but more about that later..

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