Re: rdfSemantics null hypothesis: punt/postpone

>As for all issues, one option for the rdfSemantics issue
>is to postpone it.
>I think the fact that the LC design requires redundant
>answers in some cases is unfortunate

I think one can make out a case that this is not altogether a bad 
thing, but I concede it will be a controversial case.

>, but it has the
>virtue of an existing spec and multiple interoperating
>I was going to say that we have a spec, tests and
>implementations, but I'm not at all sure that our test
>harness captures this aspect of the design; I think
>our tests would say that a minimal answer passes,
>since the test harness is based on graph matching,
>and a lean graph matches a redundant graph.
>I expect that a proposal to postpone this issue will
>meet with some objections

I can't imagine why you would think so :-)

>, so any proposal that gets
>a critical mass with no objections is preferred by W3C
>Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep track of who would
>support postponing and who would object. While you
>are under almost no obligation, I would
>appreciate it if you would "tip your hand" and
>disclose your position before tomorrow's teleconference.

I would personally be quite happy to postpone, yes. But I also think 
that we can do slightly better, with a little patience.


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