Re: SOURCE test case sketches from users, please?

Tom had examples which I found helpful:


I saw them as data management (sometimes trusted - not clear if the source 
information would appear to the application) and provenance (untrusted - 
application definitely should source information).


Dan Connolly wrote:
> I once again pleaded that we postpone SOURCE 'till next time,
> and then took a straw poll which resulted in many "my users
> want source" responses.
> I'm still concerned that we won't find a SOURCE design that
> meets the needs of all these users, but I just thought of
> a way to manage that risk.
> Would each WG member who has talked to some users who want
> SOURCE please sketch a test case? I don't need you to get
> every detail right at the first draft, but if, say, Kevin
> knows some customer that wants SOURCE, I'd like our final
> test repository to have a test case that his users
> can point to and say "yes, that will work for us."
> If you can base your test case sketch on a little bit of
> *real data* from the users, that's great. If you have to
> simulate it with and such, that's not as great,
> but it's still good.
> If one of the tests that Dave is already working on
> matches your users' usage patterns, I'd still prefer
> that you copy the pattern and substitute the real vocabularies
> and values and such that the users care about, but
> I suppose responses of the form...
>  The pigfarmer supply chain consortium's usage of SOURCE
> is covered by an existing test
> are more helpful than nothing.

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 2004 17:58:50 UTC