TKS/Kowari named graph usage

Hi all,

Quick message on named graphs. We generally see the use of named graphs 
for the following reasons:

o Provenance - this model contains triples from here;
o Data ownership - my data lives here, yours there;
o Security - only the following users can have access to this data;
o General app-specific usage - all stuff that this user has touched 
lives here;
o Separation of data - schema data lives here, instance data there.

I see all this as being specific use cases of the more general need to 
be able to split data across multiple containers (where these 
containers may or may not share data).

We're also starting to see some more use cases coming up. For example, 
a current customer and a prospect in the intel arena both want to be 
able secure what they call ad-hoc graphs, which means creating a view 
(a read-only graph) that is defined from the results of a query.

Named graphs in TKS/Kowari also have types, which correspond to the 
underlying data store holding the information (these are our 
resolvers). So for example we have a graph of type tucana:Model that is 
our native store and a tucana:LuceneModel that is a graph backed by a 
Lucene index [1].

Please hassle me some more and I'll send more information and hassle 
more customers!



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Received on Tuesday, 7 December 2004 15:02:16 UTC