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Minutes of the RDF DAWG telcon 2004-06-22 for review

From: Janne Saarela <janne.saarela@profium.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 15:44:20 +0300
Message-ID: <40D97B24.5090109@profium.com>
To: public-rdf-dawg@w3.org
Attendees: Janne Saarela (scribe), Kendall Clark, Jean-Francois Baget,
Eric Prud'hommeaux (chair), Jos De Roo, Pat Hayes, Alberto Reggiori,
Dave Beckett, Steve Harris, Simon Raboczi, Andy Seaborne, Kevin 
Wilkinson, Howard Katz, Bryan Thompson

Regrets: Dan Connolly, Yoshio Fukushige, Farrukh Najmi

IRC agent wasn't started, raw log attached to this email.



1. Minutes from 15 June DAWG telcon APPROVED unanimously.


2. f2f update

There are still pending registrations, pls register whether
you come or not. The selection can be modified later if necessary.


ACTION to EricP: check with Rob/Network Inference if 2 hours 
teleconference facility can be organized on both days at 11am-1pm PST.

3. Deadline for f2f Agenda and Reading List

The reading list is not yet frozen. The teleconf participants
agreed on a 1 week deadline for the reading list.

The current list includes at least

1. UC&R document - http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/UseCases
(It was agreed that the UC&R version to read will be the one
from the coming Friday i.e. June 25th)
2. BRQL - http://jena.hpl.hp.com/~afs/BRQL.html
3. Reviews of different query languages w.r.t DAWG requirements
4. Test case document - http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~swh/TestSketchCases/

ACTION to Kendall: make a consolidated summary of the scattered
reviews (~7 of them).

ACTION to DaveB: make a review of algea

ACTION to HowardK: make XSS-QL available in specification form by the 
end of this week. A reviewer will be sought in next week's

4. Miscellaneous Action Items

ACTION SteveH: add ericP's disjunction tests to test cases doc - CONTINUED

ACTION Simon: explain how reporting 0 veriable bindings is equivilent to 
boolean response

ACTION JimH: send mail describing the history of remote KB query, including
any mention of Denial of Service problems that may be relevant.

5. Use Cases and Requirements Doc

ACTION Kendall: consider the larger comments from Brian and Yoshio 
ACTION Kendall: Strike 3.4a from doc
ACTION Kendall: Move 3.4's status to ACCEPTED
ALL DONE: with V1.112 of the UC&R document

6. Querying Schemas

ACTION: Jim Hendler: to write up his (schema search) use case in story form

7. Streaming

ACTION AndyS: write something about streaming

Technical details have been discussed - still some more emails to
be written regarding Tom's in-memory approach

Jean-Francois' email
gives a good rewording for streaming requirement 3.12

ACTION to Kendall: include the new wording about streaming
in the UC&R document. Group can then vote on its acceptance/rejection
next week.

8. Optional triples (agenda item added by chair)

3.6 currently has two variants for optional triples.
Participants agreed to kill 3.6 variant as original 3.6 was deemed better.

ACTION to Kendall: remove 3.6 variant

Next meeting: 2004-06-29 14:30 UTC
Janne Saarela <janne.saarela at profium.com>
Profium, Lars Sonckin kaari 12, 02600 Espoo, Finland
Internet: http://www.profium.com

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2004-06-22T14:27:17Z <ericP> zakim, please dial ericP-617
2004-06-22T14:27:17Z <Zakim> ok, ericP; the call is being made
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2004-06-22T14:30:18Z <ericP> zakim, ??P21 is DaveB
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2004-06-22T14:32:16Z <AndyS> zakim, ??P31 is AndyS
2004-06-22T14:32:16Z <Zakim> +AndyS; got it
2004-06-22T14:33:09Z <Zakim> +[ASemantics]
2004-06-22T14:33:30Z <ericP> zakim, [ASemantics] has Alberto
2004-06-22T14:33:30Z <Zakim> +Alberto; got it
2004-06-22T14:33:58Z <DaveB> ericP: 404 in http://www.w3.org/2004/05/06-Algae/#extensibility to [6]
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2004-06-22T14:34:34Z <ericP> zakim, [INRIA] has Jean-François
2004-06-22T14:34:34Z <Zakim> +Jean-François; got it
2004-06-22T14:34:59Z <AndyS> Jean-François - your wording of Streamability II is fine (making unordered clear up front)
2004-06-22T14:35:48Z <kendall> AndyS: which msg is that in archives?
2004-06-22T14:35:54Z  * kendall got a bit lost in that thread
2004-06-22T14:35:54Z <DaveB> safari says it links to http://www.w3.org/2004/05/06-Algae/rec_UCR which is a 404
2004-06-22T14:35:57Z <AndyS> Tom added a sentance about holding in memory but that seems very concrete (the rest of his wording was 
                     fine as well)
2004-06-22T14:36:03Z <ericP> last minutes: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0641.html
2004-06-22T14:36:19Z <AndyS> Kendall - http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0705.html
2004-06-22T14:36:27Z <ericP> mainutes approved
2004-06-22T14:36:35Z <kendall> AndyS: thx
2004-06-22T14:37:03Z <ericP> zakim, take up next adgendum
2004-06-22T14:37:03Z <Zakim> I don't understand 'take up next adgendum', ericP
2004-06-22T14:37:06Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T14:37:06Z <Zakim> agendum 1. "Convene, take roll, review record, agenda" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T14:37:19Z <ericP> zakim, close agendum 1
2004-06-22T14:37:19Z <Zakim> agendum 1 closed
2004-06-22T14:37:20Z <Zakim> I see 7 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
2004-06-22T14:37:21Z <Zakim> 2. ftf Update [from ericP]
2004-06-22T14:37:22Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T14:37:22Z <Zakim> agendum 1 was just opened, ericP
2004-06-22T14:37:27Z -!- jfbaget [j.f.baget@] has quit [Ping timeout]
2004-06-22T14:37:30Z <ericP> zakim, take up agendum 2
2004-06-22T14:37:30Z <Zakim> agendum 2. "ftf Update" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T14:38:00Z <ericP> http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35463/DAWGf2f2/
2004-06-22T14:38:06Z <js> EricP: pending registrations for f2f, pls register asap
2004-06-22T14:38:40Z <js> EricP: humiliation list of unregistered people unnoted on purpose 
2004-06-22T14:39:02Z <kendall> so much for humiliating  people who aren't here ;>
2004-06-22T14:39:23Z <js> Action to EricP: resolve teleconference for f2f in Carlsbad
2004-06-22T14:40:39Z <js> general consensus on 2*2hours via teleconference
2004-06-22T14:41:14Z <alberto> is willing to join via telecon bridge from CET (Milan/Rome) - two slots of couple of hours fine
2004-06-22T14:41:35Z <kendall> welcome back Heavy Breath Man!
2004-06-22T14:41:44Z <js> EricP: trying to organize 11am-1pm PST on both days
2004-06-22T14:41:46Z -!- jfbaget [j.f.baget@] has joined #dawg
2004-06-22T14:41:53Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T14:41:53Z <Zakim> agendum 3. "Deadline for f2f Agenda and Reading List" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T14:42:08Z <DaveB> q+ to propose BRQL on reading list
2004-06-22T14:42:08Z  * Zakim sees DaveB on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:42:48Z <kendall> +1
2004-06-22T14:42:50Z <js> EicP: need to freeze reading list real-soon-now because of W3C process.
2004-06-22T14:43:29Z <SimonR> What materials do we propose to complete within an extra 1 week?
2004-06-22T14:43:51Z <js> EricP: is 1 week in advance ok for everybody?
2004-06-22T14:44:04Z <js> PatH? what's reading list?
2004-06-22T14:44:19Z <Zakim> +JosD
2004-06-22T14:44:36Z <kendall> +q
2004-06-22T14:44:36Z  * Zakim wonders where q is
2004-06-22T14:44:45Z <kendall> q+ to talk about UC&R
2004-06-22T14:44:45Z  * Zakim sees DaveB, kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:44:52Z -!- JosD [chatzilla@] has joined #dawg
2004-06-22T14:44:52Z <Zakim> +BryanT
2004-06-22T14:44:55Z <ericP> ack JosD
2004-06-22T14:44:55Z  * Zakim sees DaveB, kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:45:20Z <DaveB> ack DaveB
2004-06-22T14:45:20Z <Zakim> DaveB, you wanted to propose BRQL on reading list
2004-06-22T14:45:21Z  * Zakim sees kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:45:27Z <js> DaveB: brql suggested to be included on the reading list
2004-06-22T14:45:39Z <DaveB> BRQL http://jena.hpl.hp.com/~afs/BRQL.html
2004-06-22T14:45:47Z -!- thompsonbry [thompsonbr@] has joined #dawg
2004-06-22T14:45:52Z  * kendall  +1 on brql reading list
2004-06-22T14:46:00Z <SteveH> +1
2004-06-22T14:46:09Z  * alberto +1 BRQL to read list
2004-06-22T14:46:11Z <js> general consensus about 1 week notice for the reading list
2004-06-22T14:46:38Z <AndyS> What exactly is 1 weeks notice?  6th? 7th?
2004-06-22T14:46:45Z <js> critical mass (9) wish to have brql included
2004-06-22T14:46:51Z <ericP> readling list + BRQL: 9 supprorters
2004-06-22T14:47:03Z <ericP> ack Kendall
2004-06-22T14:47:03Z <Zakim> kendall, you wanted to talk about UC&R
2004-06-22T14:47:04Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:47:35Z <js> Kendall: no outstanding action items for UCR document apart from wording of streamability
2004-06-22T14:48:15Z  * DaveB sees kendall has added 2.10 with detail - thanks
2004-06-22T14:48:51Z <kendall> dave: sure
2004-06-22T14:49:03Z <js> Kendall: version 1.118 is the one that satisfies Kendall's latest action items
2004-06-22T14:49:14Z <JosD> i.e. $Revision: 1.118 $ of $Date: 2004/06/21 15:50:39 $
2004-06-22T14:50:14Z <js> AndyS: wishes to have documents available/frozen sooner than 1 week advance if possible
2004-06-22T14:51:18Z <js> Kendall: is June 25th ok for freezing te UC&R document to be included in the reading list?
2004-06-22T14:51:28Z <ericP> reading list + UC&R 2004/06/25
2004-06-22T14:51:45Z <ericP> q?
2004-06-22T14:51:45Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:52:07Z  * DaveB thinks voting for reading list things seems a bit over formal 
2004-06-22T14:52:31Z <js> JosD: hopes to have a test-in-development document frozen and included in the reading list
2004-06-22T14:53:43Z <ericP> reading list + Steve Harris's test document dated 2004/06/25
2004-06-22T14:53:45Z <SimonR> Having a set of critical links from the mailing list seems reasonable to me as a reading list 
2004-06-22T14:54:20Z <js> Steve, would you have test document uri handy?
2004-06-22T14:54:48Z <SteveH> http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~swh/TestSketchCases/
2004-06-22T14:54:51Z <js> thx
2004-06-22T14:54:56Z <ericP> ACTION Kendall: put together a list of reviews
2004-06-22T14:55:47Z <js> Kendall: ~7 reviews coming up
2004-06-22T14:56:13Z <DaveB> q+ to review algea
2004-06-22T14:56:13Z  * Zakim sees DaveB on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:56:17Z <thompsonbry> I'd like to see the different reviews summarized in a table.
2004-06-22T14:56:18Z <DaveB> algae...
2004-06-22T14:56:26Z <ericP> q?
2004-06-22T14:56:26Z  * Zakim sees DaveB on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:56:42Z  * AndyS will do Algae2 if no one has started
2004-06-22T14:57:41Z <js> Action to Kendall: summary of reviews
2004-06-22T14:57:47Z <DaveB> (of course the reviews have been done over time, and new Reqs have been written since then)
2004-06-22T14:57:50Z <ericP> ACTION Kendall: put together a final evaluation from the reviews
2004-06-22T14:58:02Z <kendall> daveb: good pt
2004-06-22T14:58:38Z <ericP> group votes to accept Kendall's document as required reading
2004-06-22T14:58:45Z <ericP> ack DaveB
2004-06-22T14:58:45Z <Zakim> DaveB, you wanted to review algea
2004-06-22T14:58:46Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T14:59:14Z  * AndyS is happy for DaveB to do it
2004-06-22T14:59:23Z <js> Action to DaveB: review Algae
2004-06-22T14:59:26Z <kendall> thompson: will a compendium  work in lieu of a table?
2004-06-22T14:59:42Z <kendall> i can try to do a table, but shan't promise. :>
2004-06-22T14:59:52Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T14:59:52Z <Zakim> agendum 4. "Action Items" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T15:00:30Z <ericP> ACTION: SteveH to add ericP's disjunction tests to test cases doc
2004-06-22T15:00:34Z <ericP> CONTINUED
2004-06-22T15:00:43Z <ericP> ACTION Simon: explain how reporting 0 veriable bindings is equivilent to boolean response
2004-06-22T15:00:47Z <thompsonbry> kendall, whatever works.  I just think that eventually we might like to be able to read across 
                     the different requirements and the different evaluated systems so that we can begin mix and match straw things.
2004-06-22T15:01:01Z <kendall> thomp: cool
2004-06-22T15:01:03Z <ericP> DONE: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0634.html
2004-06-22T15:01:15Z <ericP> ACTION Tom: respond to Bjoern Hoehrmann's UC&R comment 
2004-06-22T15:01:44Z <ericP> CONTINUTED: Note http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg-comments/2004Jun/0005.html
2004-06-22T15:02:07Z <ericP> ACTION JimH: send mail describing the history of remote KB query
2004-06-22T15:02:46Z <ericP> DONE: ...
2004-06-22T15:02:58Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T15:02:58Z <Zakim> agendum 5. "Use Cases: and Requirements Doc" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T15:03:24Z <AndyS> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0646.html for JimH action
2004-06-22T15:03:50Z <ericP> ACTION Kendal: *
2004-06-22T15:03:52Z <ericP> DONE
2004-06-22T15:04:03Z  * JosD was beaten by Andy  wrt http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0646.html
2004-06-22T15:04:08Z <ericP> ACTION DanC: rephrase 3.8 (Bookmarkable Queries) with reference to protocol
2004-06-22T15:04:15Z <ericP> CONTINUTED
2004-06-22T15:04:30Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T15:04:30Z <Zakim> agendum 6. "Querying Schemas" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T15:05:12Z <ericP> ACTION: Jim Hendler: to write up his (schema search) use case in story form
2004-06-22T15:05:24Z <ericP> DONE: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0645.html
2004-06-22T15:06:19Z <js> AndyS: doesn't see provenance in 2.11
2004-06-22T15:06:33Z <js> Kendall: cheating confirmed 
2004-06-22T15:06:38Z -!- thompsonbry [thompsonbr@] has quit [Ping timeout]
2004-06-22T15:06:51Z <js> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/UseCases#u2.11
2004-06-22T15:08:18Z <js> PatH: provenance needed to check whether a description can e.g. be trusted
2004-06-22T15:09:06Z <js> Kendall: Pat, instead of coming with a new use case, pls consider modifying existing ones
2004-06-22T15:09:22Z <js> Action to PatH: elaborate the trust issue w.r.t provenance
2004-06-22T15:10:39Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T15:10:39Z <Zakim> agendum 7. "Streaming" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T15:10:41Z <kendall> zakim, mute me
2004-06-22T15:10:41Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should now be muted
2004-06-22T15:10:55Z <ericP> ACTION AndyS: write something about streaming
2004-06-22T15:11:10Z <ericP> DONE: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0638.html
2004-06-22T15:12:00Z <js> AndyS: coming close to discussing streamability in detail
2004-06-22T15:12:07Z <DaveB> -1 to 'in memory'
2004-06-22T15:12:19Z <kendall> q+ to ask if 3.12 as-is works
2004-06-22T15:12:19Z  * Zakim sees kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:12:27Z <js> AndyS: rewording on the original text
2004-06-22T15:12:27Z <DaveB> jean-francois' at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0705.html
2004-06-22T15:13:17Z <kendall> q=
2004-06-22T15:13:17Z  * Zakim kendall, if you meant to query the queue, please say 'q?'; if you meant to replace the queue, please 
                     say 'queue= ...'
2004-06-22T15:13:19Z <kendall> q-
2004-06-22T15:13:19Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:14:03Z <js> AndyS: it will be straight-forward to implement, still need to discuss with Tom about his in-memory 
2004-06-22T15:14:14Z <kendall> +1 to relying on extant protocols
2004-06-22T15:14:47Z <js> EricP: Andy, could you consider HTTP or SOAP binding for the streamability?
2004-06-22T15:15:40Z <js> Andy: every protocol needs a careful design, not one that would be globally applicable to all protocols
2004-06-22T15:16:12Z <DaveB> cursors are out of charter
2004-06-22T15:17:12Z <js> SimonR? sorting requires more space on the server, random access would be more efficient
2004-06-22T15:18:02Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T15:18:02Z <Zakim> agendum 8. "(optional) Optional Triples" taken up [from message #476]
2004-06-22T15:18:08Z <kendall> zakim, unmute me
2004-06-22T15:18:08Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should no longer be muted
2004-06-22T15:18:13Z <DaveB> ? we not going to approve the streaming req?
2004-06-22T15:18:21Z <js> DaveB: requirements should not get into these implementation details, Jean-Francois' email summarizes it 
                     pretty well (Dave, uri handy?)
2004-06-22T15:18:32Z <SteveH> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0705.html
2004-06-22T15:18:32Z <DaveB> jf: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0705.html
2004-06-22T15:19:12Z <AndyS> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004AprJun/0476.html
2004-06-22T15:19:50Z <DaveB> q+
2004-06-22T15:19:50Z  * Zakim sees DaveB on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:20:10Z <js> DaveB: is streaming approved or not?
2004-06-22T15:20:14Z <kendall> the best language for 3.12 is not in the doc presently
2004-06-22T15:20:42Z <DaveB> ack DaveB
2004-06-22T15:20:42Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:21:04Z <js> Kendall: history shows we've only voted on items that were part of UC&R and not scattered in email archive
2004-06-22T15:21:32Z <kendall> zakim, mute me
2004-06-22T15:21:32Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should now be muted
2004-06-22T15:21:51Z <kendall> zakim, unmute me
2004-06-22T15:21:51Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should no longer be muted
2004-06-22T15:22:01Z <kendall> zakim, mute me
2004-06-22T15:22:01Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should now be muted
2004-06-22T15:22:06Z <DaveB> so I asked that 0705 words get moved into UC&R as  unapproved so we can consider it, and vote or not 
                     for it
2004-06-22T15:22:08Z <kendall> yes, that's the text of 3.6 OPtional Match
2004-06-22T15:22:13Z <js> AndyS: presenting 3.6 wording
2004-06-22T15:22:21Z <kendall> DaveB: I have a todo item to that effect
2004-06-22T15:22:30Z <kendall> zakim, unmute me
2004-06-22T15:22:30Z <Zakim> Kendall_Clark should no longer be muted
2004-06-22T15:22:36Z <DaveB> (it's for me to remember later, in the logs Kendall 
2004-06-22T15:22:38Z <js> Action to Kendall: include streamability rewording into UC&R document
2004-06-22T15:22:50Z <kendall> DaveB: ack. ;>
2004-06-22T15:22:58Z <ericP> q?
2004-06-22T15:22:58Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:23:06Z <ericP> ack ack ack
2004-06-22T15:23:12Z <howardk> q+ to ask what group prefers and by when in order to eval XSS-QL
2004-06-22T15:23:12Z  * Zakim sees howardk on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:23:47Z <js> PatH: does match cover only triples all also inferred triples?
2004-06-22T15:23:57Z <DaveB> discusing define match as (over the virtual graph or ground triples)
2004-06-22T15:23:57Z <js> s/all also/or also/
2004-06-22T15:25:32Z <js> EricP: do we need to refer charter in UC&R?
2004-06-22T15:25:32Z <ericP> ack howardk
2004-06-22T15:25:32Z <Zakim> howardk, you wanted to ask what group prefers and by when in order to eval XSS-QL
2004-06-22T15:25:34Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:25:44Z <js> silence -> no need
2004-06-22T15:26:01Z <js> HowardK: can someone evaluate my proposal?
2004-06-22T15:26:16Z  * AndyS can if before 6 July
2004-06-22T15:26:30Z <js> HowardK: is spec is enough for review or running code or both?
2004-06-22T15:27:35Z <js> Kendall: ideas and design at this point of WG life more relevant than being convinced by running code
2004-06-22T15:28:02Z <kendall> q+ to ask about nuking the 3.6 variant
2004-06-22T15:28:02Z  * Zakim sees kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:28:05Z <js> HowardK: doc ready by the end of this week for review
2004-06-22T15:28:28Z <DaveB> we seem to have wandered off discussing 3.6 optional match
2004-06-22T15:28:44Z <js> Ericp: any other XQuery experts in the call? silence
2004-06-22T15:28:56Z <js> Rob (but not in the call)
2004-06-22T15:29:18Z <ericP> q?
2004-06-22T15:29:18Z  * Zakim sees kendall on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:29:38Z <AndyS> Where are we on optional triples?  Any action items?
2004-06-22T15:29:42Z <DaveB> not yet
2004-06-22T15:29:47Z <js> JosD: any discussion on the f2f hotel informed by Rob? -> nope
2004-06-22T15:30:16Z <ericP> ack Kendall
2004-06-22T15:30:16Z <Zakim> kendall, you wanted to ask about nuking the 3.6 variant
2004-06-22T15:30:17Z  * Zakim sees no one on the speaker queue
2004-06-22T15:30:43Z <js> Kendall: 3.6 variant still in the UC&R document - what's the plan for it?
2004-06-22T15:31:03Z <js> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/UseCases#r3.6
2004-06-22T15:32:01Z <js> EricP: any fans for 3.6 variant?
2004-06-22T15:32:23Z <js> Kendall: would like to kill 3.6 variant
2004-06-22T15:32:38Z <js> PatH: happy with both of them
2004-06-22T15:32:53Z <js> EricP: proposing to remove 3.6 variant. No abstentions -> nuked.
2004-06-22T15:33:11Z <Zakim> -Janne
2004-06-22T15:33:25Z <js> JanneS passes scribe baton
2004-06-22T15:33:39Z -!- js [js@] has quit [Quit: ciao]
2004-06-22T15:33:42Z  * JosD wonders what was kendall's hotel
2004-06-22T15:33:45Z <ericP> agenda + next meeting
2004-06-22T15:33:45Z  * Zakim notes agendum 9 added
2004-06-22T15:33:55Z <ericP> zakim, take up next agendum
2004-06-22T15:33:55Z <Zakim> agendum 9. "next meeting" taken up [from ericP]
2004-06-22T15:34:06Z <ericP> scribe :AndyS
2004-06-22T15:34:16Z <ericP> venue and time are as always
2004-06-22T15:34:28Z <ericP> meeting adjourn
2004-06-22T15:34:28Z <Zakim> -BryanT
2004-06-22T15:34:29Z <Zakim> -[INRIA]
2004-06-22T15:34:30Z <ericP> meeting adjourned
2004-06-22T15:34:31Z -!- jfbaget [j.f.baget@] has left #dawg []
2004-06-22T15:34:31Z <DaveB> byeee
2004-06-22T15:34:35Z  * alberto leaving - bye
2004-06-22T15:34:39Z <Zakim> -DaveB
2004-06-22T15:34:44Z <Zakim> -[ASemantics]
2004-06-22T15:34:48Z -!- alberto [alberto@] has left #dawg []
2004-06-22T15:34:59Z -!- DaveB [dajobe@] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
2004-06-22T15:35:04Z <kendall> ciao all
2004-06-22T15:35:05Z -!- kendall [Kendall@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
2004-06-22T15:35:11Z <Zakim> -Kendall_Clark
2004-06-22T15:35:47Z <Zakim> -Kevin
2004-06-22T15:35:50Z -!- KevinW [Kevin.Wilk@] has left #dawg []
2004-06-22T15:36:30Z <Zakim> -PatH
2004-06-22T15:38:17Z <Zakim> -JosD
2004-06-22T15:38:18Z <Zakim> -EricP
2004-06-22T15:38:19Z <Zakim> -HowardK
2004-06-22T15:38:20Z <Zakim> -SimonR
2004-06-22T15:38:22Z <howardk> bye
2004-06-22T15:38:28Z -!- howardk [howardk@] has quit [Quit: howardk]
2004-06-22T15:38:33Z -!- JosD [chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]]
2004-06-22T15:38:49Z <Zakim> -SteveH
2004-06-22T15:38:52Z <Zakim> -AndyS
2004-06-22T15:38:53Z <Zakim> SW_DAWG()10:30AM has ended
2004-06-22T15:38:54Z <Zakim> Attendees were EricP, Kevin, HowardK, PatH, DaveB, Kendall_Clark, Janne, SteveH, SimonR, AndyS, 
                     Alberto, Jean-François, JosD, BryanT
2004-06-22T15:39:04Z -!- AndyS [AndyS@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
2004-06-22T15:39:12Z -!- SteveH [swh@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
2004-06-22T15:42:02Z <ericP> rrsagent, pointer?
2004-06-22T15:42:08Z <ericP> oops
2004-06-22T15:42:12Z <ericP> no rrsagent
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